Quantum: Business Intelligence

DW Reporting are proud to announce the launch of “Quantum”, their next generation ‘source agnostic’ full financial Business Intelligence solution tailored for lawyers, finance, and management teams.

Increasing demand for accurate and timely financial data is a ‘must-have’ in today’s competitive legal environments. Quantum provides the ability for ‘self-service’ access to structured data without the need for financial or technical ‘bottlenecks’, bringing self-service analytics, reporting, and business intelligence to everyone’s fingertips

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Evaluate: Matter Pricing, Budgeting, and Tracking

DW Reporting are delighted to announce the launch of “Evaluate”, their next generation legal matter planning, pricing and cost management solution tailored to the requirements of fee earners and law firm management teams throughout the lifecycle of a matter.

Increasing client, regulatory, revenue and cost pressures mean that law firms now more than ever have to properly price, plan and manage complex matters seamlessly, yet intuitively, to maintain both client expectations and profitability.

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Assign: Managed Reporting Services

In response to customer demand, DW Reporting Limited has launched ASSIGN, a Managed Reporting Service to provide law firms with access to DW Reporting’s expert legal BI and reporting team for their day to day management information requirements.

Managing firm-wide reporting and BI has become more complex and law firms are looking at alternative approaches to address this key business need. The ability to use ASSIGN on a flexible basis increases efficiency, lowers cost and matches with the irregular nature reporting requirements for law firms of all sizes.

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